EGE Commodities

We are an independently owned and operated commodity trading organisation with a focus on the trading of physical fuel cargoes and process chemicals. We have strength in depth in areas such as biofuels, glycerines of all grades, alternative fuels, biomass and traditional fossil fuels and crudes.

Operating from offices
in the City of London

EGE Commodities is privileged to have Key Strategic Alliances throughout the fuel and chemical industry providing us with the capability to source product, structure purchases and implement procedures to mitigate risk in a professional manner.

EGE Commodities
68 Lombard Street

Tel: +44 (0)207 868 1626
Fax: +44 (0)207 868 1800


Our primary areas of business are glycerines, biofuels, process chemicals, fuel oils, gasoils and residues.

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Global Operations

EGE Commodities has carefully invested time and resource to develop a truly global network with an enviable level of reach and access.


EGE Commodities trade animal feeds, fossil fuels, cutter stocks through to production chemicals.